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NetBridge ISP

A tiny OEM module for equipment manufacturers. The module offers the same functionality as StageFeed ISP but has mounting holes, EtherCON compatible RJ-45 and light pipes for being mounted inside a case.

The converter can be used in conjunction with StageMate ISP or DigiScan to build a bridge across (or tunnel through) a network to teleport waveforms from one end to another.


Bulk version (no mounts, no panel)
€ 449.- plus tax, shipping


Management and Update Tool (NetView) - Java program located inside the zip file.

Firmware Bundle (StageCore1)

System Features

  • Fully implemented ISP-Port, additional DMX512 port for use with ISP-DMX.

  • IDN (ILDA Digital Network, under development) on 100 MBit Ethernet.

  • User reset, sets defaults for common parameters such as networking for easy retrieval in case of misconfiguration

  • Ability to scan the network for compatible receivers, store the list in nonvolatile memory and build bridges. The scan works for directly connected devices or across switches.

  • Supports configured, self initiated bridges and externally initiated bridges to be used with monitors and recorders.

  • Receiver configuration through UnitID and IP-Address to support dynamic address assignments and static assignments behind routers.

  • Channel configuration to scale network bandwidth (not yet available).

Optional Features

  • ISP signal splitter, support for 2 further receivers (total of 3) for signal duplication or multiplication (more in preparation).

  • Additional drain for remote host initiated brides for monitoring or recording.

  • Digital filter and signal conditioning (not yet available).

Hardware Features

  • ILDA ISP-DB25 input on 2.54mm header, compatible with DB25/IDC cabeling.

  • Digital shutter input.

  • 3x16 Bit ADC for X, Y, U4 signals, sampling frequency 200.000 kHz.

  • 7x12 Bit ADC for I, R, G, B, U1, U2, U3 signals, sampling frequency 200.000 kHz.

  • Interlock loop monitoring.

  • Calibrated ADC inputs (offset and gain).

  • Nominal throughput of 100.000 samples per second, full resolution, all channels.

  • DMX512 output on 3 pin C-Grid III header.

  • 100 MBit ethernet MAC/PHY with auto MDI-X on EtherCon compatible socket.

  • 5V power supply on 2 pin MicroFit header.

  • Tiny size, 62 x 55 x 32 mm.