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A tiny OEM module for projector manufacturers. The module offers the same functionality as StageMate ISP but has mounting holes, EtherCON compatible RJ-45 and light pipes for being mounted inside a projector.

The converter can be used in conjunction with StageFeed ISP or NetBridge ISP to build a bridge across (or tunnel through) a network to teleport waveforms from one end to another or can be used as an output device for network based laser animation systems. For easy migration of exising systems it has the fully featured ISP-DB25 connector located on a 26 pin 2.54mm header with pin locations compatible with DB25/IDC cableling. Optionally, standard headers can be replaced with latching C-Grid III headers.


Bulk version (no mounts, no panel)
€ 399.- plus tax, shipping


Management and Update Tool (NetView) - Java program located inside the zip file.

Firmware Bundle (StageCore1)

System Features

  • Fully implemented ISP-DB25 port and ISP-DMX ports.

  • IDN (ILDA Digital Network, under development) on 100 MBit Ethernet.

  • User reset, sets defaults for common parameters such as networking for easy retrieval in case of misconfiguration

  • Sophisticated time line reassembly and tracking algorithm with jitter compensation and automatic latency adaption.

  • Flexible frequency synthesizer with a resolution of 250nS. The synthesizer allows for precise playback frequency match and detune needed by latency adaption.

  • Hardware-assisted sample processing

Optional Features

  • Timeshifts for intensity and color (based on galvo command, known as colorshift) and color lines (based on intensity, introduced as color line tweaking).

  • Timeshifts between signals are configured in units of microseconds with a resolution of 250 nanoseconds. This keeps the shifts stable for all sample frequencies.

  • DAC output calibration (gain and offset).

  • Laser power linearisation, individually for all color lines. Uses a polynomial to adjust non-linear laser power response of solid state lasers (not yet available).

  • Geometry processor (not yet available).

  • Safety zones (not yet available).

  • UART to receive commands from an external CPU.

  • Telnet to UART tunnel for system migration.

  • User interface dialog. Interfaces for display and keys.

Hardware Features

  • ILDA ISP-DB25 output on 2.54mm header, compatible with DB25/IDC cabeling.

  • Digital shutter output (TTL).

  • 3x16 Bit DAC for X, Y, U4 signals.

  • 7x12 Bit DAC for I, R, G, B, U1, U2, U3 signals.

  • All converters are connected serially and can be driven with individual timings to allow precise time shifts (X / Y can't be shifted against each other).

  • 5% overdrive for component tolerance compensation.

  • Maximum throughput of 250.000 samples per second, full resolution, all channels.

  • DMX512 output on 3 pin C-Grid III header.

  • Additional headers for system integration.

  • 100 MBit ethernet MAC/PHY with auto MDI-X on EtherCon compatible socket.

  • 5V power supply on 2 pin MicroFit header.

  • Tiny size, 71 x 55 x 32 mm.