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Welcome to DexLogic

We appreciate your interest in our company and our products. Our innovative developments and our broad knowledge base helped in realizing many client projects. Our solutions are always elegant approaches with high performance and an optimum level of perfection and reliability at reasonable cost.

  • Applications and server-based solutions

    In the area of applications such as editors, user interfaces or tools often platform-independent code by use of Java, occasional use of C/C++ or other languages and environments. Graphical visualization in 2D and 3D, implementation of specific transformation pipelines and drawing algorithms.

    In the area of client/server - own servers and protocols, visualization of GUI applications on PC, tablet or PDA. Backends for Websites (servlet, PHP, CGI), partially with database connectivity.

    In addition non-GUI programs such as compilers, drivers, shell-scripts or other solutions that are needed for integration and communication.

  • Firmware and hardware

    Low-level applications, own realtime operating system and extensions for existing operation systems, event-based dialog frameworks for alternative input and display hardware, real-time applications, FPGA design, optimized distribution of tasks to hardware and software.

    Part selection and research, circuit design, board layout, prototypes, design and construction of enclosures, cooling, manufacturing optimization.

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