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StageFeed ISP

A pocket size media converter for sending analog laser projector signals across ethernet networks. Processes an analog ISP-DB25 (ILDA Standard Projector) input and a DMX512 input for use with the ISP-DMX standard, provides an ethernet packet stream. The device is based on MetaMorph CPU / StageCore1.

The converter can be used in conjunction with StageMate ISP to build a bridge across (or tunnel through) a network to teleport waveforms from one end to another. When directly connecting the converters through a RJ-45 patch cable, the devices act as a digital replacement of the analog ISP cable. This peer mode is always available and doesn't need any configuration. For other setups, the converter supports AutoIP, DHCP and static configuration.


Bulk version (just the converter)
€ 449.- plus tax, shipping

Retail version (includes power supply, DMX512 adapter cable and printed manual) are available online through:

or local dealers


User Manual

Management and Update Tool (NetView) - Java program located inside the zip file.

Firmware Bundle (StageCore1)

System Features

  • Fully implemented ISP-Port, additional DMX512 port for use with ISP-DMX.

  • IDN (ILDA Digital Network, under development) on 100 MBit Ethernet.

  • Zero configuration ISP cable replacement in conjunction with StageMate ISP peer mode.

  • User reset, sets defaults for common parameters such as networking for easy retrieval in case of misconfiguration

  • Ability to scan the network for compatible receivers, store the list in nonvolatile memory and build bridges. The scan works for directly connected devices or across switches.

  • Supports configured, self initiated bridges and externally initiated bridges to be used with monitors and recorders.

  • Receiver configuration through UnitID and IP-Address to support dynamic address assignments and static assignments behind routers.

  • Channel configuration to scale network bandwidth (not yet available).

Optional Features

  • ISP signal splitter, support for 2 further receivers (total of 3) for signal duplication or multiplication (more in preparation).

  • Additional drain for remote host initiated brides for monitoring or recording.

  • Digital filter and signal conditioning (not yet available).

Hardware Features

  • Digital shutter input.

  • 3x16 Bit ADC for X, Y, U4 signals, sampling frequency 200.000 kHz.

  • 7x12 Bit ADC for I, R, G, B, U1, U2, U3 signals, sampling frequency 200.000 kHz.

  • Interlock loop monitoring.

  • Calibrated ADC inputs (offset and gain).

  • Nominal throughput of 100.000 samples per second, full resolution, all channels.

  • 100 MBit ethernet MAC/PHY with auto MDI-X.

  • Power supply through a Micro-USB socket (PC or inexpensive mobile charger).

  • Hand/Pocket-Size adapter, 60 x 56 x 19 mm.